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3.5mm Mini Jack AV Male to 3x RCA Female Audio Video Connector Lead


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3.5mm mini AV to 3 RCA (Phono) cable. Connects a camcorder video and stereo audio output to a TV, monitor or video capture card input

Connector Type A: 3.5mm mini AV
Connector Type B Phono (RCA) Socket Composite Video (Yellow)
Connector Type C Phono (RCA) Socket Audio Left (White)
Connector Type C Phono (RCA) Socket Audio Right (Red)

This cable is only suitable for devices where the ground is the outer connector from the base (4th from tip). Some devices are setup to have the ground at the tip or at the base. Please check with the manufacturer first.

  • Centre Pole – Video
  • 2nd Pole – Audio Left (white)
  • 3rd Pole – Audio Right (Red)
  • 4th Pole (outer) – Ground

Example Usage

Connect Camcorders (Mini DV, Digital 8 etc) to RCA AV devices like TVs & video capture cards with this audio & video connecting lead. Allows audio & video from digital camcorders & analog video cameras to be outputted to any device with RCA connectors such as TV’s DVD recorders & USB video capture cards


  • Compatible with most Mini DV and Digital 8 camcorders, such as Sony, Canon, JVC, Samsung, Sharp and Panasonic.
  • Length: 5cm.
  • AV Colour code standards are:
    Yellow: Video
    White: Audio Left
    Red: Audio Right.
    Some cameras may use a different standard which may require the leads to be connected differently
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