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3.5mm 4 Pole Jack Plug to 3x Phono (RCA) Plugs Lead, 1.5m Black Pro Signal PSG00827



This cable plugs into the video jack socket fitted to many cameras & camcorders allowing the video camera to be connected to a TV, monitor or video capture card via 3 RCA phono outputs:

Yellow: Video
Red: Audio Right
Black: Audio Left

  • High Quality OFC cable with Gold plated ends
  • Digital Fully shielded High Definition cable
  • Directional Cable for better quality
  • Cable Length : 1.5m
  • Colour : Blue with Silver/gold ends

This cable is only suitable for devices where the ground is the 2nd connector from the base (3rd from tip). Some devices are setup to have the ground at the tip or at the base. Please check with your manufacturer first. For example, Ipod AV cables use the tip for their ground.

Pole Connections:

  • Tip – Black (Audio Left)
  • 2nd pole – Yellow (Composite Video)
  • 3rd pole – Ground (Commmon)
  • Base – Red (Audio Right)


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