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Van Damme 6.00mm Professional Loudspeaker Cable Directional HI-FI Speaker Cable – 2 Conductors


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Van Damme’s “blue line” ultimate quality directional hi fi speaker cable. typically used for high end domestic hi-fi speaker cables or professional studio near field monitoring

Van Damme Shotgun Style 6.0mm Twin Interconnect Speaker Cable

This range of speaker cables comprises a shotgun style twin interconnect cable and comes in 5 conductor sizes. These cables can be found in many professional environments but ultimately the 4mm and 6mm speaker cables are used for critical near field monitoring in many world class recording and mastering studios as well as being the speaker cable of choice for more than one world class hi-fi equipment manufacturer.

The Ultra-Pure copper conductors, cutting edge PVC compounds and dynamic use focused construction provide accurate signal transmission, toughness and flexibility.

This pro audio and hi fi speaker cable is renowned for super tight clean bass, excellent perceived sound quality and a full frequency range with no artificial emphasis.

Author Note:
We have installed this speaker cable in many studios and radio stations over the years, our advice, don’t waste your money on speaker cables costing hundreds of pounds, this is literally the best money can buy. If your system doesn’t sound good using this cable, there is something else wrong!

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