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Fender Bridge Allen Key Set | Squier Bridge Allen Key Set

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3x Fender & Squier saddle height adjustment allen keys to fit all Fender & Squier guitars & bass guitars

3x Saddle hex Allen key set that includes every hex key you are likely to need for saddle adjustment on Fender or Squier guitars & bass guitars.

Bridge (saddle) adjustment allen keys, sizes to fit Fender Made in US (MIA), Made in Mexico (MIM), Squier, Made in Korea & Made in Japan guitars & basses.

  • 3x saddle height adjustment, imperial & metric.
  • Allen key set to adjust truss rod & saddle (bridge height) on all Fender guitars and bass guitars: Fender Standard, Fender Pro, Made in US, Made in Mexico, Made in Korea, Made in Japan & Squier
  • Fits: Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Starcaster, Duo-Sonic, Mustang, Meteora, Classic Vibe.
  • Removes the uncertainty of buying bridge allen keys for Fender guitars & basses. Typically sizes vary depending on model, country of manufacture & year of manufacture.
  • Long arm wrench for truss rod adjustment accuracy.
  •  High quality tempered hardened steel hex key, give your guitar/bass the love it deserves
  • Free 1st class UK shipping on this item
  • Plastic free packaging


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